Vulcan Vcsel Kits


IR Laser: Infrared
Output Power: >150mW Class 3R
Beam Divergence: 3 Deg
Wavelength: 850nm
Size / Dimensions: (L) 2.1″ x (D) 1.2″
Weight (w/Battery): 3.0 oz
Battery: (1 or 2) CR123 Batteries
Battery Life: >4 hours

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Vulcan VCSEL™ IR Illuminator is one of the most powerful VCSEL lasers available today to the
commercial market. It is a Class 3R laser device, emitting up to 150mw, of IR illumination. The Vulcan VCSEL™ is small, lightweight, and the perfect companion to any dual beam laser aiming devices.

The Vulcan VCSEL™ 3-degree beam provides a tight focused beam out to four hundred yards. Attach the CQB Filter™ and the illuminator becomes to a wide field view, IR flood light, perfect for indoor applications up to 200m

The Illuminator is sold as a complete light assembly, or as a modular head unit only, allowing the user
to combine it with many popular bodies from Surefire , Arisaka Defense , Malkolf Devices , Reptilia
Corp and more.

The Vulcan VSCEL™ was engineered using the KIS philosophy. Simple to configure, simple to mount,
and simple to operate. Reliability, power, and ease of use makes the Vulcan VCSEL illuminator
the best choice for long range or flood IR illumination.


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